Investing in the Future (we’re not talking about money here)

Everything that requires investment pays off dividends…

Whatever we put in God’s hands does not return to us void…

In life, we make decisions to invest in the future or not. Each investment takes personal sacrifice. Since each investment requires something out of us, we don’t, on the majority, make the investment.

Personal sacrifice is one of the most challenging things for a human to do. Consider the number of people who attend church versus the number of people who tithe regularly. There are far less people who obey the simple command of giving to God what is His.

How about retirement?

On the majority people are not preparing for retirement as they should because it requires self-deprivation on the short-term.

I know that this blog post is not about money, and here is where I plan to divert.

Exercise: a bad word for many people. The discipline it takes to have a regular workout routine is not worth it to many folks. However, many of the same people want to be thinner so try to compensate by diet, surgery, or some other measure.

What about investing in your marriage?

Some couples live their lives without fully committing to learning one another. They fight, cling to an addiction rather than to each other, or separate themselves from each other due to their “busy” schedule.

How about making small investments into your future marriage?

I think that each couple should purchase books and read along with each other. I believe that we should purchase DVD sets and watch/talk over with each other or even with friends. In some cases, I believe that counseling is needed, not to prevent divorce, but just make the extra investment and have that time that you can grow with your spouse.

As for Audrey and I, we are going to an event called love worth fighting for in Madison, TN this weekend.

With this investment I hope to experience something awesome with my wife. I pray that I say the right words and let her know that, no matter what, she can be secure in our relationship. I would never leave her, and when times are tough, I pray that she can reflect on moments like we are going to have this weekend and know that it will all be ok.

What can you do to invest in your relationship with your mate? Can you buy some flowers on the way home, start a book together, host a small group? Whatever it is, know that each investment you make will return to you with dividends. Nothing that you invest in to honor God’s covenant between your spouse and yourself will return void.

Make the important investment soon and regularly so that your special someone knows and fully understands your commitment to the relationship.


Your Main Investment

There are a lot of things out there that are wanting your attention. From kids’ programs, debt collectors, mortgage payments, charities, and anything in between, they all seek for your help. Work calls on you night and day to be on top of your game, to meet the requirements of the clients, deadlines, and sales goals. Children call for your attention to be the best parent on the planet. Your spouse calls on you to be excellent.

But what about you? What do you call on yourself to be?

It is so easy to fall as a victim of someone who is overworked and underpaid. It is so easy to put others’ needs in front of your own. We call it valiant. We call it being a man, a hero, a parent, a servant.

I think that this concept is a lie that we are led to believe. We call ourselves valiant but lead a life that is miserable. Instead of taking the time to find out our intense passions and what we really want to do to experience true freedom, we settle for a 9 to 5 job that pays the bills, makes the minimum payment, and allows the family a little bit of social time.

We wonder why 50% of marriages end in divorce; we wonder why our kids struggle with their emotions or schooling. We wonder why there is no trust between our kids and ourselves in their teenage years.

I wonder about if we were truly free.

If we were truly free, I would want to wake up in the morning and take a walk with the family. I would feel the brisk morning air fill my lungs and chills run up my spine when I initially walk out the front door. I may have to warm up a little by bouncing or jogging in place. On the walk, my wife and I would talk about how beautiful each day is, and we’d talk to our children about the important things in life. We would finish our walk and come in and make a nice breakfast, make plans for the day, and execute those plans. In the end, we would be a family unit; we would not be a coexisting unit that gets together when we can between events. The family would be the priority rather than the leftover.

I would make goals and complete them.

How do we get to the point so that we experience freedom? We have to invest in ourselves. Today, I took an important step in investing in myself. I have just hired a life coach to talk to me on the phone for 20 minutes one morning during the week. This coach is going to keep me accountable for living up to my potential. He is a fantastic listener. He cares and loves the human race. I’ve known him for a long time, and it’s great to have someone like him on my side.

What about you? What is the next step for you?

Do you need to get rid of an addiction? Do you need to start a new habit? Do you need to begin listening to podcasts or audiobooks on the way home to improve where you want to be in life? Do you need to find time to go to the gym?

I encourage you to invest in yourself. Others depend on you to be the real you; in that case, you need to be the best you that you can possibly be. You will be happier when you make the step to care for yourself. In caring for yourself, you learn how to properly care for others. If you don’t invest in yourself, how will you learn to invest in others?

I hope that this post motivates someone out there. Let me know.

Thanks for reading.