Seriously… Funny

Over the next few weeks, I will try to stay on one topic. This topic is going to change your adult-mind. It is going to make you feel more at ease with yourself and with others. It will encourage you to find humor in the little annoyances of everyday life. It is a topic that will remind us to take a deep breath every now and again and… laugh. We will begin to enjoy life rather than be so stressed about daily living. Living with tension, anxiety, and a downright depressing attitude will vanish, and we will enjoy life through making memories, enjoying moments in the present tense, and living a life with greater clarity about what is important.

And so we begin…

The first part of this series of blog posts is about finding humor in yourself. I’ve heard it before that God has a sense of humor, and he definitely displays that sense of humor in some of us 🙂

To illustrate my point, I get to pick on somebody no other than… myself.

I am a funny dude. I don’t mean that pridefully; I mean that I do some things that if you knew about them, you’d think I was crazy. I bet you have some of those funny attributes about yourself too.


Anyhoo, here is a very short list of some things about me that admittedly are a little odd.

funny things


So, what’s on your list? 

There has to be something on your list that you find a little embarrassing… but hilarious! Those funny things about you make you who you are. Don’t take them for granted. I know that life calls us to be serious. We want the best out of our kids. We want their futures to be better than ours. We want to be promoted to the next level in our occupation, and the list goes on.

Take a few minutes this week to think about what quirks you have and laugh about them. Remember that they make you who you are in some respect, and be a little more light-hearted about it. Don’t hate yourself for it, but laugh. Enjoy the moment while it lasts, because it is the only moment that you can enjoy.