The Four Things I’m Grateful For

I really don’t feel like I have much to say today. When I really have a good blog post coming, I’ll typically think about it throughout the week and then knock it out in one night. After thoroughly mulling it through during the week I know which direction I want to go. 

Not this week, however; I just don’t have much to say. 

Typically when I have nothing to say, I decide to be thankful. There are, of course, times when I complain or gossip, but I like to think of those times as few and far between as I grow older. So, below is a list of things of which I am grateful.

1. Freedom: I am thankful that I do not struggle with an addiction any longer. It took more than 20 years to say that I am totally free from a life of being enslaved to pornography. It is still a daily choice to be free, but living in this freedom is so much more satisfying that carrying the guilt of being a hypocrite-Christian, an unfaithful husband, and an unfocused father. 

2. Grace: Without grace, I would not be accepted for who I am. Grace gives infinite power to the one who receives it, and I have received a perfect grace from my Father in Heaven and also my wife. Grace must be a cornerstone of what we do as noone is perfect.

3. Family: How awesomely incredible is family? There is no other group of people that will take you in like family. You can make mistakes, have a rotten attitude, say words that hurt, or take any other selfishness action, but family will always be there. Being family is a choice, and I realize that. I also know that my family has made that choice for the long-haul (another thing of which I am thankful). 

4. Friends: (see #3) 

Although this is an incomplete list, I think I’ll leave it there. It really encompasses some of the main things that I am thankful for each and every day. I too am thankful for a job, a wonderful neighborhood, a car, a nice house to sleep in, various work-related opportunities, water, etc. but without these main four I think I’d be lost. 

What is on your list?


I Love You So Much – Poem by David Yarbrough

It has been quite some time since I’ve blogged! I hope to not have that long of a dry spell again, but some pretty incredible things have happened in the past year. 
1. I have one of my children’s stories fully illustrated, still looking for a publisher
2. I am making YouTube video screencasts on using a Goemetry Software to eventually make a full course
3. The Queen just became a Beachbody coach and is dedicated to improving people’s lives
4. I work a nighttime position at the school and am bringing home an extra $1000 per month
With all these things going on, I just have not made the time to blog. Shame on me! I have, however, made it more of a priority to catch up with Facebook friends and complete my to-do list on the app on my phone. These are all good changes, but I still want to write publicly. (I have been writing, just not on publicly on WordPress.)
Without further delay, here is a poem that I wrote to the Queen one day this past year. No doubt I was probably using the restroom when I wrote it, but it’s pretty good! 
I Love You So Much
I love you so much,
You mean the world to me.
You are so great – I’ll tell you what,
I never thought I’d be,

As lucky as I am,
To have a wife like you.
You show me that I can,
When I doubt things I do.

At night when I lie in bed,
I do so peacefully.
It’s pleasant being by your side,
It’s thoughts of you I see.

I am so thankful to have my wife, 

My source of inspiration,

My true companion, and best friend, 

My excellent persuasion.

I will pursue you for my life,
I’ll be your loving man,
Mistakes I’ll make there is no doubt,
But with you I’ll always stand.
Copyright David Yarbrough 2014

Playing in the rain

The other day, I had to go outside during a torrential downpour to check on our gutters (all is fine). By the time I got back to the door that goes into the kitchen, I decided that it was pouring so bad that I couldn’t just enter back where I came from. So I went around my garage. When I entered the garage, my son Clay was waiting for me. He and the Queen came out to watch the rain for a little bit. By the time the Queen went inside, I still wanted to watch. It’s one of the things that I like to do.

I started to notice that Clay would put his foot in the water and test to see if I would say anything. On a normal day I probably would have, but we did not have anything in particular to do. Instead, I ran to a line in the driveway and ran back. Clay noticed what I did and immediately did the same. Before I knew it, we were outside enjoying the rainfall. We would dance, splash, and waive at passing cars who undoubtably thought we were crazy or awesome for being our in the weather.

I truly enjoyed myself. I really think that to better enjoy our lives we should take the opportunity to play even when the timing is not perfect. We should love when we don’t feel like it, and we should obey God’s word even when it doesn’t seem profitable.

In each of those scenarios, it doesn’t seem like it will be fun until you get involved in it. So go out and play in the rain sometime. Do something that at first seems unenjoyable. Do something that you used to do as a kid, and find yourself in the middle of loving that experience. Take time with your kids in this way, and show them your love.

Death (or failure) is the best thing for us

We read about failures all the time. With the right person who does not give up, failure leads to an awesome change. It leads to renewed energy, increased passion, and better methods to do what needs to be done.

I think that being saved is a lot like that, but supernatural. When we completely die (fail) and completely recognize that our way is not the right way, we can then be healed by God’s grace. Only then sometimes can we see that it is only God who knows how we should live. It is only Him who is good, and it is only Him who can save us from our ultimate judgment.

In complete death to self, we can become new. This refreshing gift of God is a new self. What is better than that?

Marriages can take the same course too. Complete death to each person’s selfish ambition is where the marriage prospers. Sometimes it is a complete death of the relationship before we find out how to live unselfishly with our spouse. In the latter case, we have to be totally committed to not give up even if the marriage feels like failure. Who knows, the supernatural and radical change may be just around the corner, just after you think it couldn’t get any worse.

To that end, remain committed. Stay strong: seek God’s will. He will save you and your relationship in its time of trouble even if you don’t see supernatural change on the horizon.

It may take five years, it may take twenty. It may take an ultimate fight that had loomed for a long time. It may take counseling. It may even take divorce.

I in no way encourage divorce, but I do know a man who was legally divorced from his wife three times before having a prosperous marriage (with the same woman). Now, he counsels me 🙂 God works in awesome ways, and His ultimate goal to see you be the best You is sometimes by seeing you be so committed to the cause.

Commit yourself, therefore, to becoming more like Christ. Commit yourself even to death for something that you deem imperfect (as Christ did for us… although he never deemed us not worth it). Radical change comes after death.

Our Wedding Day

Here is a bit that I wrote back in 2006. I’ve never really put this kind of stuff out there for people to read, so I feel a little vulnerable. I feel a little hesitant posting poetry. Often the greatest fan of the poetry is the author. In any case, I hope that you all can read and enjoy. Hopefully it will remind you of your wedding day. We should make a practice to remember it often to keep the flame ignited.

Anyhoo, here goes…