Thank you for visiting my website! I am excited that you are here and am thrilled about being part of a community that finds and gives value – value that grows us up and changes our perspective to make better decisions in all facets of life.

As you can see from my display name, I am a tutor. Although it is not my only title, I really enjoy investing time into people’s lives to enhance their performance. This website will better allow me to do so.

My real name is David Yarbrough, and I am married to a beautiful Audrey Yarbrough. We have two children at the moment: a baby boy and a baby girl.


Here is the beautiful Audrey and myself enjoying a hammock on our honeymoon in Cancun. I still think I look that young… 🙂

Here are my sweet kids. Big brother loves his sister.

Here are my sweet kids. Big brother loves his sister.

Besides loving being a husband and dad, I am interested in all sorts of topics which makes it hard to devote a website to any one of them. I work in three to six month phases writing and learning about any of the following: mathematics, poetry, real estate, financial coaching and debt reduction, SAT/ACT prep, and marriage counseling. I even spend spurts of energy toward learning guitar, harmonica, and cross-fit techniques. I enjoy coaching Cross Country and Wrestling but enjoy participating in almost any sport.

I think that’s enough about me for now. Please jot me a line and let me know about yourself so that we can build this community together. Hopefully by initiating conversations we can all improve in our life journey.



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